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This bumper was designed to stand out from others on the market. We wanted to offer a bumper that looked like it was actually built for the Talon instead of something generic. A lot of effort was put into making the body lines of the Talon flow with the bumper when looking at if from any angle. The bumper provides a drastic amount of front end protection over stock, while remaining tight and compact to the body.  


This bumper is designed to bolt on using all factory hardware and mounting locations. Aluminum spacers for the upper mounting bolts are included. Tabs and mounting for the front end plastics are also built into the bumper. 


It is laser cut from a combination of 1/8" and 3/16" cold roll steel. It also features a built in winch mount. The bumper will fit almost all popular UTV winches with the following mounting hole patterns:

3.00" X 6.59"

3.00" X 4.875


Winch fairlead bolt spacing is 6.00".


The Harbor Frieght Badland ZXR 3500 will fit as well, but you will need a fairlead with a wider bolt hole spacing. (6" instead of 4.5") 


Please allow 3 weeks for manufacturing. 


Click HERE for customer install video


Need a winch? Check out our friends at Mojo Motosport for an exclusive Bosman Designs discount on any of their winches. Just use coupon code BOSMAN at checkout. Click HERE to see their selection. 












2019-2021 Honda Talon Front Bumper

  • Orange powder coat will be done with Prismatic Chevy Orange.

    This is the closest match we can find to the Live Valve Orange color. Please allow 2 weeks turnaround time for orange powder coat.

    Blue powder coat will be done with Prismatic Ultramarine Blue. 

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