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Please allow 3-4 weeks for manufacturing


Like our popular Talon front bumper, this bumper was designed to seperate itself from anything else on the market. CAD designed and CNC laser cut to ensure perfect fitment of every single bumper. This bumper is not only designed to provide maximum protection, departure angle clearance, and aesthetics, but also provide the foundation for an entire system of accesories.  


Bumper Features-

  • CAD designed
  • CNC laser cut from 1/8" and 3/16" Mild steel
  • Formed sheetmetal design that mimics the look and feel of the Talon bodywork
  • Center opening for aftermarket exhaust clearance
  • Doesn't attach to roll cage tubing so it can work with aftermarket cages


Lower Attachment Option-

Add the optional 2" hitch receiver for a heavy duty tow point.  All hardware needed to install included. NOTE: These attachments will NOT work without the rear bumper.  


Spare Tire Mount Option-

The optional spare tire mount allows you to mount up to a 32" tire flat in the bed or upright. In the upright position the mounting bracket has provisions for attaching a 1.5 gallon Fuelpax (Rotopax) gas can. This bracket can simply be unbolted and removed to lay the tire down flat.  The tire is moved as far rearward and low as possible for better vehicle weight distribution and to still allow for storage space at the front of the bed. When designing the spare tire mounting system we thought it was important to think in terms of safety, simplicity, and longevity. That is why there are no moving parts, no gas struts to wear out, no latchs to rattle, and no joints to loosen up. The tire is mounted down low to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. All spare tire mounting components have a powder coated matte black finish. All hardware needed is included.


Bed Tray Extension Option-

The bed tray extensions provide a solid platfom in the bed with holes for tie downs, slots for brackets to hold down your cooler and bolt holes that match up with the Milwaukee Packout mounting base. All hardware needed to mount the extensions is included. Extensions are powder coated Matte Black. 

Note: Mounting hardware kit for Milwaukee Packout Base is a seperate part (Part #BDSXS-H008)








Honda Talon Rear Bumper

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